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Make your product sound and feel as good as it should

Enhance your customer experience by integrating our patented module into seats, beds, other furniture, consumer devices, cushions, toys, personal care and wellness products — or wherever personal full-range audio and vibration adds value.

Ingredient brand that adds value to the host brand. We license our patented technology to the host product brand owner with FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ ingredient branding. Get competitive advantage from the industry-changing feature.

Proof of concept in entertainment devices:  Pilot consumer product HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion™. Hear and feel your favorite content without disturbing others around you. Wireless and  immersive soundsphere with amazing bass.

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Proof of concept in wellness and therapy devices: Taikofon Feelsound Cushion™. The vibro-acoustic experience provides pain relief and eases anxiety when you feel sound with the whole body and skin.

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Proof of concept in furniture: Premium cinemas on two continents. FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is integrated into the seating at the factory and an ingredient branding communicates the added value to consumers. 

Technology hardware is easy to integrate: Just add one light, compact, and energy-efficient element. A specialist team will co-create the product and user experience with you to match any needs of your brand.

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“HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion™ is the real deal — one of those magical products that I always hope to find at CES… unusual, cool, compelling, and ready to ship.”
Sound & Vision magazine

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FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is a technology hot shop with in-house product design and development. We have 109 IP filings in our patent and IP portfolio, including 28 international patents. A variety of audio related problems in various industries can be solved with our technology.

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