The first fully loudspeaker-free cinema sound system

FLEXOUND Pulse™ Full-range audio and natural sound wave vibration in a safe and immersive personal soundsphere. The surround sound is provided by the seat — no external loudspeakers are needed. 

FLEXOUND Pulse™ offers a distraction-free personal soundsphere. You get full-range audio with integrated natural vibration.

FLEXOUND Pulse™ is the first fully loudspeaker-free cinema sound system. It supports all content and provides the sound in your cinema.

In market research 97% of consumers said the cinema experience in FLEXOUND Pulse™ was good or great. 93% thought the audio experience was different to a normal cinema and 91% would recommend it to their friends.

You can have a premium experience regardless of premises. Convert any space into a cinema. Install into a hotel or at home for a private screening room or gaming space.

No remixing or recoding needed. Minimal sound leakage outside the room. Equal sound quality in every seat.

FLEXOUND Pulse™ supports all content: movies, gaming, music, sports, TV, streaming, live events. Improved clarity of dialogue and detailed sound. 

Deep focus and immersion into a safe and personal movie experience. You can both hear and feel the sound.

Full-range audio and integrated natural vibration in a personal soundsphere. FLEXOUND Pulse™ is designed and engineered in Finland.

FLEXOUND Pulse™ explained in 90 seconds

“The sound was everywhere and it was as if I was listening with my body.”
Consumer test feedback

“I didn’t realise there were no external speakers.”
Consumer test feedback

“This makes the movie feel more valuable. It was just me and the movie.”
Consumer test feedback


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