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Deep tech originally inspired by autistic children

FLEXOUND – The Augmented Audio Company™ – has developed a patented deep technology that adds the sensation of touch to any sound content. You can both HEAR high-quality full-range audio and FEEL its physical vibration on your skin and body.

We help our B2B customers integrate the patented FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ technology as an ingredient brand into car, airplane or cinema seats, furniture, gaming chairs, cushions and more, adding high value and differentiation.

The technical solution is light-weight, compact and energy-efficient. It can replace traditional loudspeakers or be complementary, while adding a whole new immersive dimension to sound. FLEXOUND™ improves sound clarity and accessibility for the hearing impaired.

Read our Technology White Paper for a more detailed look under the hood.

This is FLEXOUND – The Augmented Audio Company

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is a Finland-based company with a design office in London. Our headquarters in Finland are right next to Aalto University and we work in close co-operation with the research community. We are a technology hot shop with in-house product development and user experience design.

FLEXOUND™ has a strong patent and other IP portfolio with a total of 114 IP filings including 35 granted international patents, a position as the augmented audio technology leader and a growing brand awareness for its globally disruptive audio solution. 

Our B2B business model is based on licensing the technology using ingredient branding strategy, the provision of high value adding co-development services and embedded proprietary software. 

Augmented audio has over 10 billion euro realistic yearly market potential. A variety of audio related problems in various industries can be solved with our technology while saving weight, energy and costs, and adding value to our customers’ host brand products.

International team with a strong track record

The ambitious and experienced team started in 2015. We have since won many hearts and awards internationally and show an impressive track-record among target segments. The international FLEXOUND™ team holds a strong track record of being able to create change, growth and execute ambitious plans. 

All key team members have over 20 years of experience in product and business development, branding, design, marketing, music business, audio hardware and/or software. The company is owned by the team members together with NordicNinja.VC as well as accomplished business angels.

The Story

Requested by his therapist wife, our inventor Jukka, PhD in acoustics and a violinist, created the first instrument that transformed plain music into a magical combination of high-quality sound and distributed vibration. Meant first to be a therapy tool for autistic and disabled children only, the team quickly realized that this game-changing innovation feels so good and makes one so happy that it must be offered to everyone. 

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