The FLEXOUND Advisory Board is here


Our mission at FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is to make communication and entertainment accessible for everyone regardless of barriers of culture, language or physical abilities. To help us in this we have invited senior executives of automotive, entertainment and marketing to join us as an advisory board:

Derek Powell – A global media & entertainment senior executive, with over 20 years of experience with filmed entertainment studios, broadcasters and gaming companies, developing growth strategies and leading digital transformations.

Sean S. Gopal – Leads OEM & Private Equity initiatives within automotive, engineering, manufacturing, energy & supply-chain. He is former head of Strategy & Restructuring with BMW AG, Munich, and brings with him 25+ years of advisory & board experience.

Matti Suomalainen – Worked 14 years as automotive investment banker at HSBC in London, including as Managing Director responsible for automotive supplier coverage globally with focus on M&A and equity / debt financing.

Mervi Heinaro – Co-founder, partner and previous CEO of Flexound with some 20 years of solid international business and leadership background. She was recently appointed as the Deputy Mayor of the city of Espoo, the home of FLEXOUND.

"We are thrilled to welcome the advisory board members to the FLEXOUND team. We are confident that the years of expertise and the network of the members will be a valuable asset and energizer as our company continues to focus on growth and scale-up, within both the cinema and automotive business," says FLEXOUND chairman Markku Vauhkonen.

The board will boost FLEXOUND’s efforts to scale the business and drive value for both clients and shareholders. The members will also participate in the strategic discussions, regarding both business and fundraising strategies.