NordicNinja VC made a new investment into FLEXOUND - The Augmented Audio Company


HELSINKI, FINLAND: Today, it was announced that the newly established venture capital firm, NordicNinja VC, has made an investment into Finnish FLEXOUND - The Augmented Audio Company.

The company provides FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ that adds the sense of touch to audio-visual listening experience — be it music, games, television, streaming or movies. Its proprietary technologies combine high-quality audio with physical sound wave vibration, creating a globally unique immersive experience. FLEXOUND attracts international businesses customers, especially from the automotive, aviation, and cinema industries. On 15th February 2019, it opened its first commercial movie theatre in Finland and further announcements are soon to come.

“When we started with our first therapy product Taikofon™ and then the home entertainment HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion™, we were constantly told that our technology should be embedded into cars and cinemas. And now we are doing exactly that. The investment and co-operation with NordicNinja enable us to grow faster within the target segments. FLEXOUND is disrupting audio by offering multiple benefits over traditional loudspeakers for instance being very energy-efficient and light weight.” says Mervi Heinaro, the CEO and Co-founder of Flexound.

“We are extremely excited to accelerate the international growth of Flexound.” says Shinichi Nikkuni, a Managing Partner of NordicNinja VC. “There has been already a great amount of international interest towards the company especially from mobility and cinema sectors.” says Marek Kiisa, a Managing Partner of NordicNinja VC. 

NordicNinja VC started with over 100 million euros in January 2019 and is backed by Japanese blue-chip companies, Honda, Omron, and Panasonic, as well as the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. It aims to support scale-up goals in the Nordic and Baltic region through supporting the region’s startups expand into and develop business opportunities in Japan.

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ adds the sensation of touch to all audio content. The versatile and patented technology was originally created to help autistic children. It can now be embedded into seats in cinemas, cars and airplanes, gaming chairs, cushions, furniture and more.

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