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We rely on personalised audio content throughout our daily lives; to be entertained, to be informed and to be able to communicate remotely. The challenge has always been how to deliver content discreetly, without loss of impact or fidelity, retaining sufficient awareness of our environments, and maximizing comfort. Traditionally the challenge has been addressed with two approaches: using headphones for personal listening (in acoustic Nearfield) and using loudspeakers for shared audio reproduction in the acoustic Farfield.

Flexound proposes a new solution and new approach to personal sound by drawing from the best of both the traditional approaches. Sound reproduction with full impact and fidelity of loudspeakers without the need to wear headphones.

This technology moves beyond the limits of Farfield and Nearfield listening. This approach, innovated and developed by FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ in Finland, explores the multisensory, full frequency Surface Nearfield that enables soundwave vibration to be part of the experience.

This White Paper introduces the design philosophy and unique aspects of Flexound’s Surface Nearfield Speaker technology. It is intended to act as a starting point for further reading into multisensory listening, as well as Flexound’s technical implementation in automotive and cinema contexts.