FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ joins Hyundai in quest for future automotive audio


FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ was invited to Hyundai Motor Group’s 2020 Open Innovation Lounge in Seoul, Korea. The event showcased selected unique technologies to be used in future vehicles.

Out of a shortlist of 300 startups, Finland-based FLEXOUND was chosen through systematic Hyundai evaluation based on the criteria of customer needs and wants, technological feasibility and technological uniqueness of the selected solutions.

At the event FLEXOUND demonstrated the immersive, full-frequency near-field listening experience integrated into standard Kia seats with custom headrests to deliver the audio. The patented technology adds the sense of touch into the audio experience, providing clarity of sound by multi-sensory listening, added safety due to tactile alerts, as well as personalized sound settings for each seat.

”We are currently working with several automotive brands to bring augmented audio solutions to consumers”, says FLEXOUND Head of Mobility, John Barry.

With the FLEXOUND technology traditional loudspeakers can be fully or partially replaced, saving costs, space and weight, which is critical for electric vehicles. FLEXOUND provides high quality sound and vibration in all seats.

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is a Finnish technology hot shop with in-house product design and development. We have 78 IP filings in our IPR portfolio, including 13 granted international patents.

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ adds the sensation of touch to all audio content. The versatile and patented technology was originally created to help autistic children. It can now be embedded into seats in cinemas, cars and airplanes, gaming chairs, cushions, furniture and more.

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