96% of moviegoers celebrate as Cineplanet Salon opens with FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™


Cineplanet Salon is the second cinema besides Cineum Cannes in France equipped with the unique and immersive FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ technology. The multiplex in Salon-de-Provence has nine auditoriums, which are equipped with the leading technology innovations from the cinema industry, including Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® and FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ etc.

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is installed in all the seat at the Lodge auditorium, a premium VIP boutique cinema concept that offers luxury entertainment experience. Complementing the DTS:X sound system in the auditorium, FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ provides personal immersive audio and natural vibration. The immersive effect is overwhelming for everyone, but the vibration and clarity of sound are especially welcome for people with hearing impairments.

“FLEXOUND is an add-on audio system for the main sound system used in the auditorium providing personal audio and vibration. No matter where you sit in the auditorium, Flexound gives the extra clarity to the speech and dialogue “FLEXOUND’s Chief of Cinema, Mika Oesch says.

“In consumer research 96% of moviegoers say that the FLEXOUND experience is either good or great. And they are also ready to recommend it to their friends. We offer a genuine competitive advantage against both home entertainment and ordinary cinemas”,
FLEXOUND CEO, Isak Olevic says.

Cinemas boosted by FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ are now operating on two continents. The technology enhances the cinema sound experience with high-quality personal sound and physical vibration in each individual seat. 

FLEXOUND has also launched the world’s first loudspeaker-free cinema sound system: FLEXOUND Pulse™.

Contact us for more information: Isak Olevic, Chief Executive Officer, tel. +46 7222 04347, isak.olevic@flexound.com